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Fertilization management

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients are necessary to maintain optimum growth and stress tolerance of most vegetation. We deal with the proper selection, use, application, storage, and disposal of fertilizers.

At Israel Agro Consultant, mostly we deal with fertilization management for to trees, shrubs and ground covers, as well as turf. However, the application of fertilizer on trees, shrubs and ground covers should be done following the procedures given in the Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers. All storage, mixing and disposal of fertilizers should be done in accordance with this fertilizer management practice.

Factors to be considered for fertilization management:

1. Land Use: This practice is applicable to all land uses--wherever fertilizers are used.
2. Soil/Topography/Climate: Fertilizer programs will vary from site to site, partially due to varying soil characteristics, topography and climate. For example, sandy soils are more prone to nitrogen leaching than finer-textured soils.
3. Time to Apply: A fertilizer program for lawns should begin in the fall (as opposed to spring) to promote deep, healthy root systems and hardy lawns. This, in turn, will help grass compete with unwanted grass species and weeds. Spring applications of fertilizer will help the grass start growing, but may promote more top (leaf) growth than root growth. Shallow root systems are unable to sustain lawns through a drought or harsh winter.
4. Fertilizers should not be applied to turf when the soil is frozen because turf cannot utilize the nutrients and runoff rates are high. Fertilizers should also not be applied before significant intensive rainfall events.
5. Place to apply: Fertilizer management practices should be applied in all areas where vegetation is managed.

Our sound fertilizer management program is just one of the elements needed to maintain healthy vegetation. Healthy vegetation also requires proper irrigation management, Pesticide Management, Soil Management, and, in the case of turf grasses, using the proper mowing frequency and height.

Note: Our system resulted into increase by 50% to 90% in harvest in all major fruits and 2 to 3 times more in assorted vegetables.

Israel Agro Consultant

Israel Agro Consultant was established in 1982 with a view to enhance prosperity of Indian farmers uplift their lives and the growth of whole society as well as the nation. Israel Agro Consultant wants to establish high-tech science system convert traditional farming into industry.



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